Amplifyr Music Marketing

Direct-to-Fan Marketing Strategies for Musicians, Labels & Music Businesses

We help you plan & execute direct-to-fan marketing campaigns through paid & organic digital marketing, social media management, website & platform development, email marketing, merch strategy & D2F community development.

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It Starts with Music

Send us your tracks. And don't worry about the recording quality. We're listening to the music not the recording.
We're most interested in hearing from alternative & experimental indie, rock and electronic artists. That's just our taste!
But if you make something else, we're happy to signpost you should we not be a good fit.

What We Stand For

A Fair Deal for Indies

We offer marketing services that are realistically affordable for grassroots early-stage artists who are self-funding releases through to niche labels and management companies who work with alternative music. We want all of the projects that we work on to reach their full potential, so we will only work with music that we love or with artists who we think have potential to build sustainable businesses.
If you're in the early stages of your development and only have demo recordings available, we are more than happy to coach you through a period of artist development and will offer feedback and signposting if we are unable to be directly involved in your project.

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Why Work With Us?

Independent ≠ alone!

Independent does not equal alone!
We've worked with independent artists such as Iwan Gronow, Camens, Bad Love, Ian Britt, Nixon Tate, Thrillhouse, Bison & Wolf, Droma Records, Climax Blues Band and more.

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