May 23, 2020

What's the best platform for selling merch online direct-to-fan?

Check out 18 direct-to-fan e-commerce options for musicians looking for the most cost-effective platform for selling merch online.

What's the best platform for selling merch online direct-to-fan?

We looked at 18 platforms for selling merch

I've been talking to a couple of artists this week about selling merch direct-to-fans (D2F) online so I've done some research and chucked 18 platforms into a spreadsheet to see which is the most cost effective in a variety of scenarios.

I've calculated the costs of each service based on selling 10, 25, 50 and 100 x £15 products in a month.

When you're only selling a couple of t-shirts every now and then there's not a lot of difference between the top 10 platforms.

But the one in 10th place, Music Glue's Premium service, also includes fulfilment which can actually make a huge difference to your profits.

If you ignore fulfilment costs for a moment (it will be the subject of a future blog) then Square comes out on top in pretty much all cases. They also have a card reader for £19 that you can use at the merch table at gigs so they're definitely worth a look.

When you're scaling up direct-to-fan sales around an EP or album release, that's when your choice of D2F eCommerce platform can start to make a big difference. Using Square instead of Bandcamp if you're selling 100 x £15 products can mean almost £200 more in your bands kitty!

Have a look at the spreadsheet image below (you might need to download it here depending on what device you're on) or check it out on Google Sheets here (feel free to make a copy and have a play around with it).

The green rows also include fulfilment.

Hope it's useful.