May 20, 2020

If Spotify didn't exist, what would you focus on instead?

What would you set your sights on? Live? Record sales?

If Spotify didn't exist, what would you focus on instead?

A rant about a Spotifyless world!

Earlier in the week, I asked a band “If Spotify didn’t exist, what would you do instead? What would your sights be set on?”

They replied “I don’t know really. I guess whatever the alternative was – or failing that focus on live potentially? Record sales? Who knows! Why, what do you think?”

Glad you asked!

I think you should aim to be creating engaging content and connecting with fans. Preferably on an emotional level.

Using social media to deepen connections by getting that content out to them and engaging with fans one-to-one.

Live - definitely - again to deepen connections with fans.

Create merch to bring some money in. Preferably awesome merch so you’re not expecting fans to buy crappy stuff simply to support you.

Sell it to those fans you've connected with.

Build your team by adding radio and press people when the time is right and you can afford it.

Apply for funding from the PRS Foundation, Help Musicians UK, The Arts Council if you can’t!

Use paid social media to consistently grow your audience. You don’t have to spend a lot to keep things building.

Build an email list.

Release music regularly and consistently and keep knocking on the door of the industry.

Most artists are doing a lot of this stuff but they just need to keep focused and aim to keep doing it, love the process and the journey, listen to and learn from their fans, build on what’s working and keep trying to improve all the time.

Don’t lose sight of what it’s all about.